We have focused our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) efforts on areas where it can have the greatest impact and the need for action is most pressing: protecting employee & seafarer health and safety, ensuring business integrity, preserving the environment and supporting key stakeholder relationships.


Authorities and Regulators

As a business we are responsible for interacting with the Authorities and Regulators that issue the licenses to operate, required for provision of services. In 2012, our Quality Manual was supplemented with new Technical and Risk Management policies. We carry out internal audits of our Quality Management System in our effort for further improvement.

Client Relationships

We are constantly improving our service delivery in order to meet our clients’ evolving expectations. Client complaints are systematically investigated to determine root causes and corrective actions are implemented.

Preserving the Environment

We are taking extra measures which reduce our environmental footprint by minimizing the use of resources and generation of waste. Our energy and waste program consolidates key data on energy, paper and water use in an effort to reduce consumption across the Company.

Business Ethics

A solid and long-standing reputation of the company is one of its greatest assets. To enhance and to preserve this reputation we are implementing a program which will promote the importance of ethics and integrity among all our employees and will aim at preventing and sanctioning any ethical breach.

A Safe & Healthy Workplace

Providing employees with a safe working environment is one of our top priorities. Our health & safety policies are designed to protect our employees, visitors and clients. Ongoing efforts include evaluating risks and taking appropriate actions as well as increasing employee awareness of health & safety issues.