Whether we perform our activities for tankers, carriers, containers and other specialty or passenger vessels, where we are different is the knowledge and experience of our people and our advanced tools and methods. We aim to further expand our skills as we roll out our entire portfolio of services across the world.

Growing Seafarer Pool


Since 2008,  our seafarer pool has been constantly growing, mainly due to the good relationship we have with our seafarers, our timely payments and prompt responses to their concerns and the concerns of their families.

Our Qualifications

iso_certAVATAR MARITIME CO. LTD / ADMIMAN MANNING INC. is certified by the Bureau VERITAS with ISO 9001:2008 certification as well as MLC 2006 Attestation of Compliance.

Furthermore, following an inspection, P.O.E.A. re-issued our license according to MLC 2006 requirements.

Besides the above mentioned qualifications, our Principals can provide the most credible testimonials about the quality of our services and that of our seafarers.