Documentary Proof of Application for Seafarer’s Identification and Record Book (SIRB)

RMI Marine Safety Advisory No 33-14

The Republic of the Marshall Islands issued Marine Safety Advisory to inform that the Requirements for Seafarer Certification (MI-118) have been reissued to reflect the issuance of an Acknowledgement of Application (MI-273OR) for SIRB and SQC applications received from Filing Agents that have been authorized by the RMI Maritime Administrator to submit orders though the online application system.

The seafarer shall retain a copy of the Application for SIRB and Special Qualifications (MI-273) or the MI-273OR, as provided by the Filing Agent, as evidence that the application is being processed.

The copy of the MI-273 or the MI-273OR shall be valid for up to 90 days as proof of authorization to serve on an RMI flagged vessel in the capacity for which the seafarer has applied.

Source: RMI / Marine Safety Advisory 33-14