eLearning for the Maritime Industry

A growing number of organizations are turning to eLearning courses to ensure employees are properly trained to perform duties safely and efficiently. Marine Testing Solutions (MTS) said its eLearning initiative is helping more key staff members become empowered to make the maritime industry safer and more efficient.

In previous years, many owners and operators within the industry were reluctant to introduce formalized training schemes, MTS said, explaining that employees were often given only the most basic information in order to fulfill their role. Now, increasingly strict regulations are entering force within the industry, making that model a thing of the past.

MTS said its five eLearning courses – fire safety training, asbestos awareness, legionella awareness, food safety and manual handling – are affordable, professional and simple to understand. Employees from all sectors within the industry can take part in training and educational sessions at their own pace and be safe in the knowledge that they are equipped to carry out their role safely.

All MTS courses are compliant with relevant regulations and are approved by the relevant governing body.

MTS recognizes that more and more people are busy with day to day operations and are time poor. It therefore offers eLearning courses that can be taken anywhere, thereby negating the need to send staff to training centers, adding convenience and reduction in cost.

One of the many benefits of an online training course is that it can be paused as and when required in order for the candidate to retain the information in sections. These sessions can also be replayed either in full or one section at a time when needed. The aim is to ensure the individual fully understands the course and their obligations.