To meet our strategic goals we rely on our seafarers’ commitment and ability. Strengthening our recruitment processes provides opportunities for their professional growth.

Attracting New Men

Cadet Graduate Program (CGP)

CGP gives the opportunity to young graduates to learn more about manning operations and equips them for their future sea employment.

The program is targeted to deck and engine cadet applicants who have recently completed or are in the process of completing their education in the Marine Academies of the Philippines.

During CGP each cadet is assigned to one of our staff. The cadets are introduced to and familiarized with all operations while at the same time they continue their education to acquire all the necessary certificates for their future employment.

Recomendee Program

Part of our Company Policy is to give everyone equal chances for employment. Therefore we accept from all our seafarers their recommended seamen, who will be placed onboard vessels after they have successfully completed our Crew Application and Crew Selection Procedures.

Seafarer Financial Facilitation

We respond to our seamen needs by facilitating them financially when the need arises.

Life Insurance/Retirement Plans/Medical Cards

We are in the process of forming partnerships with large Insurance firms to be able to offer our seamen and their families with a life insurance and a secured pension when they retire, at competitive prices and easy payment terms.

Medical Cards will be provided free of charge.

High Retention Rate

Our seamen always get paid on time, their home allotments are distributed on schedule and we respond to all their families’ requests and concerns. Our average Home Allotment Distribution time for 2nd semester 2013 is 0.86 days.

We show active care for their professional growth by making sure they undergo through all necessary training which will ensure their continuous employment.

The above plus the fact that each seaman on the day of his disembarkation knows when he will embark again, granted us with one of the highest in the market retention rate of 93%.