Public Welfare Institutes Awarded

On November 6th, 2014 Hydra Port Captains’ Club awarded Greek Public Welfare Institutes for their contribution to the public. The awarded institutes are:

  • “LOVE LINE” which is a Non-Profit Organization helping 35 other Public Welfare Institutes to continue their work. The award was received by the Organization’s President Mrs. Marie Kyriakou.
  • “HELMEPA” is an Organization for the protection of the marine environment which also provides training for children to increase their environmental awareness. The award was received by the organization’s director Mr. Mitsatsos Dimitrios.
  • The three (3) Public Welfare Institutes of Mr. Ioannis Diamantis Pateras. The award was received by Mr. Stefanos Diamantis Pateras.
  • “WISTA HELLAS” – Women’s International Shipping & Trading Association –  is an international organization for women in management positions involved in the maritime transportation business and related trades worldwide. It is a major player in attracting more women to the industry and in supporting women in management positions. With networking, education and mentoring in focus, WISTA seeks to enhance members’ competence and empower career success. The award was received by the WISTA HELLAS President, Mrs. Angie Hartmann.

The ceremony was presented by our Mrs. Despina Volikaki.