Security Awareness Training and Training for Those With Specific Security Duties

RMI Marine Safety Advisory No 30-14

The Standards for the Training, Certification and Watchstanding Convention 1978 as amended in 2010 (commonly called the Manila Amendments and hereinafter referred to as STCW) requires, in Regulation VI/6, that all seafarers receive security-related familiarization and security-awareness training or instruction. Additionally, those with designated security duties must likewise be trained.

The Republic of the Marshall Islands (RMI) Maritime Administrator has issued relevant Marine Safety Advisory to advice operators that it will require evidence of this training or instruction to issue seafarer documentation from that date forward for all seafarers applying for STCW documents.

Individual certificates for the training outlined above are available as an optional certificate upon request. Any STCW seafarer documentation issued to seafarers after 1 January 2014 provides evidence the seafarer has been trained or instructed in security awareness only.

Security-related familiarization will need to be performed when a seafarer reports to a vessel and should be specific to the Ship Security Plan (SSP) on board.

Since designated security duties are subject to the approved SSP on board any individual vessel, this training will need to be evident only to authorities who inspect or audit vessels. Those seafarers who fill those capacities named in the SSP as having designated duties will need to provide evidence that they have been appropriately trained or instructed to inspecting authorities.

The Administrator will require the following as evidence a seafarer has been appropriately trained for security awareness:

1. A training certificate for security awareness from a facility whose course is approved by the maritime administration of a nation that is on the IMO white list as compliant with the provisions of STCW; or

2. A training certificate for Ship Security Officer or Training for those with designated security duties from a facility whose course is approved by the maritime administrator of a nation that is on the IMO white list as compliant with the provisions of STCW; or

3. A letter on the letterhead of a vessel operator (does not have to be of RMI vessels) that the named seafarer served on board a vessel that had an approved and active SSP during the seafarer’s assignment. The sea service must accrue to a minimum total of six (6) months.

The letter must, at a minimum, state the name of the seafarer, assigned capacity, time of service on board, vessel name, IMO number, that he/she had received ship board security familiarization training, and that the vessel’s SSP was approved and active during this time.

For those who have designated security duties, he/she should provide documentary evidence similar to the above. A letter should also state that the SSP required his/her stated capacity to perform specific duties on board related to the SSP and what those specific duties were.


Source: The Marshall Islands/ MSA 30-14